❤Welcome to Rafter M Ranch! We are a family owned and operated business that is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of horses!



Rescued Nov 2020

Meet Jake! Jake was rescued from Kaufman Kill Pen in Kaufman TX. We were able to make a trip to Texas to pick up Jake and another horse that was rescued and bring them both back to South Dakota. The other horse was safely dropped off at his new home along the way. Jake is a 12 year old Gypsy Cross Gelding. He came to us un-handled. He had a low body weight and scared of people. We were not able to get his weight when he got here as he was not able to be touched. We had him haltered in the first week after lots of work on trust. He has now able to be led around, brushed out, and learning to trust. Please follow Jake on our Facebook page! If you are interested in sponsoring Jake please let us know. 


December 2020

Meet Lady! Lady was rescued from Kaufman Kill Pen in Kaufman TX. She is a beautiful palomino mare that came to us extremely dehydrated and a very low body weight of 807lbs and 13.2 hands. She is said the be a Quarter Horse that is bred to a Cremello Stud. I was able to get in touch with the man who sold her to the sale and he said she was found abandoned with her yearling baby and a stud. They were found in a pasture in TX with no food or water. She is just the sweetest most gentle mare I have been around and its hard to imagine her in that situation! I am so blessed that she was able to make it to our ranch. She has her vet check and she has some health conditions that will need monitored along with the pregnancy. Lady is still looking for a sponsor or two to help in her recovery!

Olivia ( Livvy) 

December, 2020

Meet our sweet baby Olivia. Olivia was rescued from Kaufman Kill pen in Kaufman TX. She is said to be a nicely bred Quarter Horse that goes back to Drifts Chip x Blue Valentine. She did not come with any papers. She came to us by way of transport from Witherspoon Transportation and then the other half by Rafter M Ranch Transport. Olivia came to us with a great bill of health. The vet says she is doing great. We were able to get her haltered within the first few days. She is currently being sponsored and growing every day. To Follow her story follow us on Facebook! 

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Summer 2021 Programs


Riding Lessons 

We are excited to announce we are offering riding lessons this year.We start at age 4 and go up through adult.Our lessons are structured into 6 levels. Each level requires a minimum of 8 weeks to complete.We go over everything from tack names and parts, grooming, basic anatomy as well as basic care, along with riding instruction and riding time. Our classes are student based and we move at our students learning pace. This means your each students call time may vary. This includes instruction on the ground as well as riding time. We start every student from the beginning (beginner level) and work our way up to advanced level. Lessons start at $35 per student. We require a $150 non-refundable deposit to save your time for two months. All available times left are at the bottom of our page. We send out invoices in the middle of the month for the following month. The balance is due on the first of each month. All payments made are non-refundable. If you decide to give up your time slot once paid for you can give your spot as a gift certificate to another person. ( We can send Gift Certificates to the person or family you choose.) We are excited to offer the option of a homeschooled credit to those who are interested in that program please let us know for more details. We must know prior to first lesson.

Clinics for 2021

  • April 21st - Open House (5pm-6:30)

  • May 12th - All About the Horse

  • May 26th - Equine First Aid, and Vital Signs

  • June 9th - Light Hands

  • June 23rd - From The Ground Up

  • July 7th - All About the Hoof

  • July 21st - Equestrian Activities

  • Aug. 11th - Selecting A Horse

  • Aug. 25th - Game Day

About Us

Who We Are

❤Welcome to Rafter M Ranch!❤  We are a family owned and operated business that is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of horses! While we do many things along the way our heart is in it for the misunderstood and mistreated horses. We do offer a variety of services all of which the funds go to helping and supporting the heart of our business and our mission. We rescue and rehab horses and then through a process, find good homes for them. Aproved homes in which there is a process, a potential adopter must go through to show that they are a good fit for that horse. We are trying to ensure that the horses we save will never end up back where we found them! We are a homeschooled family of 4 kids from 6months to 12years  of age. We have 1 dog, too many chickens to count, 4 pigs, 4 cows, and the number of horses is always changing. We do everything we can to be self sufficient to cut down on operating costs. The main costs are Feed, Vet costs, and we are working all the time to expand and upgrade our facilities to better suite our cause. We do offer riding lessons in the summer as well as transportation for horses on an appointment only basis. We can offer training and rehab to those neglected and misunderstood horses as well as working with kids and adults who experience the same. Please join us in our mission by donating or by booking some riding lessons! We are also offering the option to sponsor a rescue and recieve a monthly gift from your horse. ❤ We would love to get in touch. Don't forget to like our facebook page to keep up on all our updates and progress. Also please encourage your friends to stop by the page and say Hello! Thank you for all your support!🥰


You can get involved! 

Are you looking for a way to get involved but you are not interested in lessons? I have just the thing! We are looking for a few sponsors for the 2021 season. We are looking for assistance with a few items and in turn you will get the chance to have your business advertisement on our arena! We have 5 different ways your business name could get advertised. If you are interested in this please send an email and we would love to get you the rest of the information. Below is a few ideas of things we are looking for. Horse Feed ( Grain and Hay), Wood Fencing supplies, Used Saddles and tack for children, the hauling of sand and gravel, bags of wood shavings, railroad ties, used or new sheets of tin. 



Maranda and I have worked together multiple times to save horses from kill pens, and she has been such a gem to work with! She has a heart of gold and truly has the best interest of the horse, and stops at nothing to assure their safety. You will be in good hands trusting Maranda to your horses care!

Maranda ( Owner of Rafter M Ranch)  is an amazing horse woman and has the kindest heart when it comes to her horses.  Her husband is a very kind man that stands by her side and supports what she does!  I would highly recommend Rafter M Ranch when it comes to any of your equine needs! 


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Riding Lesson Times Still Available for April and May in 2021

Book Your Time Today

MONDAY -  Booked  

TUESDAY - Booked  

WEDNESDAY -  Booked 

THURSDAY .-  10am-11am  

FRIDAY - 3pm-4pm

 SATURDAY -   Special Request Only
 SUNDAY-  Closed

Please email us to get on our waiting list. 


 Sponsors for our 2021 Season

  •  Tractor Supply Company


  •  Fleet Farm

  •  Boot Barn

  •  Masters Veterinarian Services

  •  Gold Key Reality

  •  Branch Construction

  •  Hatch Trucking

  • Diamond M Concrete Coatings

  • Handyman AL

  • All Star Construction 


(605) 519-0552

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