In Loving Memory of : Our Lexi Bell (Lexi) 

In Loving Memory of Our Lexi Belle💥So I have been doing some fun reading on our sweet girl. She had some amazing winners on both sides. Bold Ruler and Seatle Slew are two you should look up. This Girl had some amazing history!!! It breaks my heart how these horses are bred for greatness and then tossed. (That's another discussion) Our Lexi Belle is from Kentucky. She was ran in her first race as a 2 year old and then ran a total of 7 races. She had 0 Firsts, 3 Second place, and 2 thirds. Then because she had not taken 1st she was sold. She was sold and ended up in a Kill Pen. She was rescued just to end up in another bad situation where she was misunderstood and malnourished. She was then saved by a local here in the Black Hills and was able to start to come back to life. She was checked by the vet and put on a great feed program. However as her health started to return so did her energy. The owner contacted one of our rescues ( Happy Tails Haven Rescue and Sanctuary) that He could not keep her as she would not stay in his fence. She was clearing his 5 foot panels and didn't know what to do.  The rescue contacted Rafter M as they only took in retired horses and also did not have the means to keep her in. We jumped in to ensure she would not see another bad situation. She is settling in here at the Ranch great. Lexi has been here on the Ranch for 1 week. She has calmed down with a feed change and a different environment. She was doing great in Rehab for several months. She was able to enjoy a great diet and was able to spend her days with the herd in the pasture. Lexi suffered from a quick onset of EPM according to the Vet. We sent her Hair sample off for analysis and the next evening she went down and would not get up. After hours of working with her and talking with the vet she was layed to rest on January 12th, 2022. She was loved by so many and will always hold a place in our hearts. In Memory of Lexi we have added a hair analysis as a requirement when we do intakes on new horses now. Please consider supporting our program so that we can continue to help horses just like Lexi!