Rescued November 13th, 2020

Meet Jake! Jake was rescued from Kaufman Kill Pen in Kaufman TX. We were able to make a trip to Texas to pick up Jake and another horse that was rescued and bring them both back to South Dakota. The other horse was safely dropped off at his new home along the way. Jake is a 12 year old Gypsy Cross Gelding. He came to us un-handled. He had a low body weight and scared of people. We were not able to get his weight when he got here as he was not able to be touched. We had him haltered in the first week after lots of work on trust. He has now been able to be led around, brushed out, and learning to trust. Please follow Jake on our Facebook page! If you are interested in sponsoring Jake please let us know. 



Rescued December 18th, 2020

Lady was rescued from Kaufman Kill Pen in Kaufman TX. She is a beautiful palomino mare that came to us extremely dehydrated and a very low body weight of 807lbs and 13.2 hands. She is said the be a Quarter Horse that is bred to a Cremello Stallion. I was able to get in touch with the man who sold her to the sale and he said she was found abandoned with her yearling baby and a stallion. They were found in a pasture in TX with no food or water. She is just the sweetest most gentle mare I have been around and its hard to imagine her in that situation! I am so blessed that she was able to make it to our ranch. She has had her vet check and she has some health conditions that will need monitored along with the pregnancy. Lady is still looking for a sponsor or two to help in her recovery!



Born June 17th, 2021

Our beautiful baby Angel was born happy and healthy to her mom (Lady) on June 17th, 2021. More information and photos coming soon!


Olivia (Livvy)

Rescued December 18th, 2021

Meet our sweet baby Olivia. Olivia was rescued from Kaufman Kill pen in Kaufman TX. She is said to be a nicely bred Quarter Horse that goes back to Drifts Chip x Blue Valentine. She did not come with any papers. She came to us by way of transport from Witherspoon Transportation and then the other half by Rafter M Ranch Transport. Olivia came to us with a great bill of health. The vet says she is doing great. We were able to get her haltered within the first few days. She is currently being sponsored and growing every day. UPDATE: We sent her DNA off to be tested and she is actually a Quarter Horse Thoroughbred Cross.. To Follow her story follow us on Facebook!



Rescued June 28th, 2021

Dally is a sweet 22 year old mare that came to us needing a lot of physical rehabilitation. Dally has an extremely low body weight as well as needing her feet and several sores cared for. 

More Information coming soon on sweet Dally. 


Interested in Adopting?

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